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Focus on travel news. Travel News gazette: Largest GPS audio guide in the World: 50.000.000 free tracks.

iMobility Network: Toozla has now made its system for publishing mobile travel guides available via the web.

TravPR Online Travel News Distribution: The developer of mobile GPS audio guides Toozla has launched a campaign with QR codes usage in Moscow

One of vital things to make service global is to cover various wide speaking languages. That’s why we've added Polish and Czech languages to our guides.

Mobile GPS audio guides Toozla were supplemented with guides in new languages: Portuguese, Turkish and Greek.

E-Global Travel Media: Mobile GPS Audio Guides Toozla &mdash A New Application For Nokia.

iNewswire: Toozla Continues To Increase The Number Of Languages At Their Mobile Audio Guides. Now mobile guides are available to users in Dutch.

Toozla: hearing voices in the wonderful world of augmented reality.

Mobile Audio Guide Toozla is now available in Arabic.

Tim Rylands blog: exploring the possibilities of using Toozla.

December 7th was the expiry date of the Samsung bada Developer Challenge. Toozla is among the winners again: we won the third prize in the On the road category. Toozla is now recognized not only by Russian judges, but also by an international judicial commission. So now you can find us in Samsung Apps.

Toozla - A Much Cooler Approach To Travel Guides

Location Based Mobile Advertising is becoming more popular day by day, it has permeated to differend business areas and travel business is not an exception. Toozla is a part of this kind of advertisement.

In spring 2010 top international mobile phone company Samsung launched a competition for developers of apps for its new platform, bada. The top prize of bada Developer Challenge Russia was won by Toozla.

7th of May, 2010 — Moscow, Russia Toozla LLC has released a beta version of its audio guide based on Wikipedia – called Wikistream. Some 171,000 of the entries in the English-language version of Wikipedia are linked to precise coordinates on the surface of the Earth. The Toozla service not only provides travellers with the entries relevant to their location, but also converts them to speech. The new Wikipedia-based guide is the latest in a range of “streams” offered as part of the Toozla service.

Nothing costs so much as acceptance of users! Especially when they check out for different apps and mark yours. First of all it has to be convenient for basic privates. And so it’s really important for us to get such kind of information

When we started to work at our product, we were thinking about creating some useful app for tourists, but users have found wider appliance for Toozla: they started to use it for education needs.

Using geo-located audio information became our difference from other augmented reality app developers.

Time passed since our first public presentation at November 2009 at Get Funded Show @ World Travel Market in London. We appeared there as first audio augmented reality app for tourists. And we didn’t go unnoticed! And it’s small wonder, because traveling is a passion for a great amount of people and in addition 2009 was a year of deep interest and rapid development of augmented reality