Create your stream

Become our partner and start creating your own streams today. Our web-based system immediately reflects all content modifications at users’ smartphones who are crossing changed areas right now and listen to your guide. It’s the absolute convergence between cloud technology and mobile LBS.

Do you have what to tell about? Places where you’ve been? Your lovely town? The block where you live? Start from a small “location-based article” — it’s free. Thinking how it can help your business? Check our ideas for you. Your next step — “location based audio guide” — the complete travel book.

Use your Facebook, Twitter, Google or any other account to enter the system. We don’t get access to your personal data and don’t use your passwords, trusted systems do instead. You get access to Toozla resources without registration then. Create and fill in your personal guide after login. Check it live, in the city. Invite your friends to listen to your stories about your lovely places.

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